Yesterday we got a call from the Neurologist and he told us that Riley's genetic testing came back positive for SMA(spinal muscle atrophy). This is the diagnosis that we were not hoping for. There is only one specialist that deals with this disorder and she travels internationally. He needs to get a hold of her and then he will call us back on Monday to set up another appointment. It has come to us as a great shock and we're are not sure yet how we are to cope with the situation. It doesn't seem fair that the baby we waited so long for will be taken from us in such a short amount of time. If any of you want to find out more about this disorder you can check out these websites.


A few weeks ago I went to a baby shower for one of Marc's cousins. We had a good time hanging out and eating some yummy desserts. Riley had fun with his cousin Garrett...I'm not sure that Garrett can share the same enthusiasim.

Riley and Audrey

My friend Margi and her little girl Audrey came out to Utah for a quick visit. Riley and I met up with her at her Mom's house for some yummy pancakes. It was fun to see Margi and I think Audrey got a kick out of Riley.