Halloween Preview

All the cousins were over at grandma jenny's today for some Halloween fun and games. They went to the pumpkin patch (well Riley didn't go) and then they all dressed up in their costumes. So we've got Brady as Spiderman, Lauren as the ladybug, Nick as the dragon and Riley as the devil. Aren't they all so cute!


Most of you know that I am not such a great house keeper. In fact I'm terrible at it. I am such a cluttery clean person. I just have piles of stuff every where. It also doesn't help to have a husband the exact same way! I could never keep my room clean growing up. Things would just pile up and then I would spend a whole day cleaning my room just for it to pile up again. I just can never keep on top of it. Well, back when we were selling our house we started boxing things up and so we've just had boxes and piles of stuff every where, including our front porch. People probably thought we were such trailor trash! Finally this week we got everything off our porch and into our storage unit! I actually got Riley's room organized along with the living room. It took all day but I did it! Now we just need to work on the rest of the house. It just seems that I move piles from one room to another. So now our bedroom is a mess! If I had the money I would totally hire a maid. I would have no problem having someone come to my house a couple times a week and just fix it! They can also fold all my laundry and make me dinner. Hmm... I think my mom just needs to come live with me.