A few months ago my mom planned a big Lagoon day with all the grand kids.  For those of you not familiar with Lagoon it's Utah's version of let's say Six Flags. Growing up we lived for Stake Lagoon Day. Everyone would pack their coolers and hang out at there from sun up to sun down.  Stake Lagoon days seem to be fading in the distance so my mom discovered that there was an IHC (the company that I work for) had a Lagoon day so this meant discount tickets.  I hadn't been to Lagoon in years and so I was excited to go and see what was new.  The have expanded the kid rides and they are much more intense than the kid rides I remember.  There were a few new roller coasters that I hadn't been on before.  Nick and Lauren are pretty adventurous and would go on just about everything.  I drew the line at Wicked, this roller coaster that has a drop that is insanely vertical. Sorry Nick maybe next time.  Riley even got to go on a few rides.  We took him on the Tilt a Whirl and that about did me in! Marc does not do most of the rides, mainly the roller coaster.  He did however ride The Bat and the look on his face when it was done was priceless! The best part about the whole thing was watching all the kids and how much fun they had.  There's nothing like a day of roller coasters and motion sickness!

On the Tidal Wave...I promise Riley really did like it.

TJ scarfing down an ice cream

after riding the Tilt a Whirl. He didn't know quite what to think during the ride but after he was all smiles

He was mesmerized watching the Screamer ride he looks unsure if he wants to ride it