Riley wraps it up

On February 4th I went to the hospital because I got really sick.  They had to put me on a ventilator to help me breath. It was really scary but they gave me lots of medicine so I wouldn't remember what happened. Thank goodness Elmo was there to help me get better.  After about a week I started to get better and I even got out of bed and sat in my chair.
On day 11 was my Mom's 30th birthday and I decided to give her the best present ever to get off the ventilator.  She was so excited.
After a few more days I was finally ready to go home.  They had me stay over night with only my Mom and Dad doing treatments to make sure I was going to be ok. Finally on day 16 I went home.
I have now been home for a week and I'm doing much better.  I'm starting to get my voice back and am able to talk a little bit.  I'm able to stay off my bipap all day and only wear it at night.  Hopefully I can get back to school next week.  I really miss all my friends. Thanks to everyone who came and saw me and sent me all the cards and posters.  It's so good to be home.