Hope Kids

We are finally part of an organization called Hope Kids.  Hope kids his for families who have children with life threatening or chronic illness.  We have heard about it for a while but I just never signed up, just lazy I guess.  They put together activities for the kids and their families that you can sign up for. Today was our first event which was a private showing of Toy Story 3. It was nice to be around other families who are going through similar things, who trek around the same equipment and don't have to explain to people what it is when they look at you weird. The fun part about the event was that Lauren is a Hope Kid now too so we were able to attend the event together. Since we have a wheelchair we were there early to ensure a wheelchair spot, so we weren't able to sit next to them but I was able to snap their pictures.  Riley really enjoyed the movie. He was laughing and talking, but mostly I think it's because everyone else was laughing and talking. He loves to be social with other kids and was way excited. I can't wait to sign up for more events.

Brady Turns 5

On Friday we went to Brady's house for his Birthday party. I can't believe that he is 5! Holy cow does time fly.  As always Kristin made an awesome cake. This year it was a dragon. As always, great job! I might have to attempt it for Riley's birthday. Riley had a good time hanging out with all the cousins. Nick had a great time helping Riley sing and play patty cake. My favorite comment of the evening was:

Papa Mark: Lauren, does Riley talk?
Lauren: No he just makes lots of noise.

I wanted to take pictures of Brady opening presents because he was so excited at everything he opened, but I ran out of memory on my card. His mom and dad gave him a big boy bike and his face was priceless. Happy Birthday Brady number 5! Kindergarten here you come!

The Cake: Awesome job Kristin!
 The Birthday boy and the Fam

Playing patty cake with the cousins

 Baby Courtney being a big girl.

 Lauren and Me...she had to show off her scar and tell us all about it! She's so brave!

Frankie, Aaron, Nick, Grandma Dolores and Lauren

 My dad and Riley, he thinks Papa Mark is pretty funny


Two Years!

Today marks the 2 year date of when Riley received his diagnosis. I can't believe it has been two years. I will never forget that day when the Dr. called us and gave us that news. At 2 1/2 Riley has over come the odds and is still continuing to do well. He has been hospital free for one year now which is almost unheard of especially during flu season. Riley is an incredible example to me of what life is all about. I've mentioned this before but Riley has presented experiences in my life that I never would have been able to experience. The most incredible people have been introduced into my life that are such a support to me and my family. We owe Riley's health and strength to the amazing knowledge and dedication of his doctors, therapists and all the others who help take care of him. Riley is an incredible little person. He's got it all figured out! We love you Riley, keep growing strong tiny man!