Disney Vacay

We just got back after spending a week at the Magic Kingdom.  It was such a fun trip and we were sad to come home.  All though it is always nice to be back sleeping in our own beds.  The main reason that brought us to Disney was the annual Families of SMA conference that was being held at the Disneyland Hotel.  The conference was Thursday to Sunday so we thought we would go a few days earlier to enjoy some other sites of California.  My cousin Aimee graciously opened her home for us to stay which was very fun.  Riley enjoyed being with all her kids.  Our first day was spent packing the car and driving.  My grandma lives in St. George so we stopped their for the night and packed up and did the rest of the drive the next day. 
Riley was so excited about this trip.  He had been up all day since 6:00 and once we got to grandma's he passed out in the bed only to wake up for a moment to get his bipap on.  We were able to get some good ones the next morning after we were all rested.
Riley did very well on the drive.  He really likes sitting up and looking outside.  Oh and the DVD player a huge life saver! And here we go...