Riley's Fund

Our biggest challenge recently has been transporting Riley. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to take him places. We can not fit his stroller in our car and because he has to lay flat in the back seat I can hardly get him in and out because of his size. We are in great need of new transportation for him that he can ride in his stroller. We are happy to announce a website has been set up for Riley to help fund a van for him.
I have also placed a link to the site in the side bar. If you wish to donate there is a pay pal button on the website. If we could get 1000 people to donate $20 there would be enough for the van and the handicap accessaries. Tell everyone to come aboard and help GET RILEY'S RIDE!
This website was made possible by an old friend from High School, Jordan, who heard about Riley. Thanks for all your work.