Fun with Gramps

Grandpa Marc and Grandma Kathy came over to visit Riley yesterday. They brought him this really cute outfit from Alaska with Moose on it. It will be perfect size for winter. They also brought him this fun teether that vibrates when he bites on it. We have to help him push it down, but he likes it when it goes off. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!
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Fun Times at PCMC

Ok, so here are the pics of the surgery. That morning we go in to get Riley up and he's pulled part of the feeding tube out of his nose. At least he waited until the day of the surgery. When we were in the pre-op exam room he was getting upset and pulled it out even more so I just pulled the rest of it out. Marc was so grossed out he had to hide in the corner. As I mentioned before the surgery went well and Riley now has a new G-tube. The kind he got is called a button which I've been told that if you're going to get a g-tube a button is the way to go. So there you have it. So far it's been pretty easy to work with. He has to be on continuous feeds for 7 days and then we can start condensing it. He's been such a trooper through the whole thing.
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Family Dinner

Last Sunday we had a big get together with the fam. My cousin Aimee came from California and took some family photos. I hope they turned out ok I haven't seen them yet. We had a good time and Riley had a good time too with all the cousins. He finally conked out on the pillow after all the excitement.
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Riding in the Wagon



Riley got this awesome wagon in the mail from Families of SMA. Grandpa Ogden came down and put it together and Sarah took him in his first ride. Marc later took him for a ride but the terrain was a little too bumpy and he got a little scared. I was surprised that it's such a nice wagon. I totally thought it would be some cheapo one. This thing is awesome!
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Hello This is Riley

This was a few days before surgery. Riley kept grabbing for Marc's phone so we just finally let him talk on it. I'm surprised he was able to hold it up to his ear.
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New Tube

Everything went really well with Riley's surgery. We were anticipating being in the PICU for 3 or 4 days but he was only there for one night and then one night in the infant unit! He did so good. I think he's just glad he doesn't have that stupid one taped to his face any more. I will post some pictures, but our internet is being retarded so once I figure it out I'll post some new pics.