If you haven't experienced GLEE yet you should check it out! This is my new favorite show. It's on Wednesdays at 8:00 on Fox. It's about a group of kids that are trying to put together a winning Glee club at their high school. Being that I was a total drama/choir geek in high school I immediately took to the show. It's really fun and it makes you want to go out and join a show choir! LOVE IT!


my new feet

Riley got his casts off today and the results of the surgery are remarkable! I'm really glad we decided to go through with it. He is relieved to have those heavy casts off and has been wiggling his little toes all day. I'm hoping now we might be able to put him in some real shoes.
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Riley loves to read books and his favorite part is turning the pages...he has to do it all by himself!
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Before and After

This year I planted impatients in my front flower bed. Marc was very scepitcal since it seems that my attempts to gardening in the past have not turned out too well. I do good at the begining and then it starts getting hot and I forget to water. Thanks to the HOA that waters every morning my flowers grew out of control! Hopefully I can continue the green thumb for next year.
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