The great adventure of moving has official begun with what seems to be endless amounts of packing!  I'm not sure where we accumulated so much stuff.  there's no other word for it...stuff...it is always there, it never goes away and no matter how much you try to get rid of it, there is always more stuff to take it's place.  one would think that after having moved 5 times in the past 6 years I would down size and become stuff free.  instead i just box it up and add it to the pile.  in fact i have never even fully unpacked from last years move.  so now i've got new boxes of stuff to add to the old boxes of stuff.  as of yesterday i do have one box and one bag full of stuff to take to the DI (utah's version of good will).  i just hope marc doesn't notice that a lot of his stuff is in that box!  i promise i will find my own stuff to put in that box too. 


stop the world i want to get off

have you ever felt emotionally detached from your body? you walk around doing the every day things but you look into the mirror and you can't believe that's really you staring back? you're body is there but your mind is off somewhere else. for me its usually when there is some sort of life changing event because it forces me to give up what i know and enter into unknown territory. i don't do well with change. let me rephrase that. i don't do well with change that isn't on my own terms. for the past couple of years my life has been changed with out my consent and it's really starting to take a toll on my emotional well being. for the past year we have been renting a cute townhome to which i have grown accustom to. despite the fact that it's not the greatest set up as far as wheelchair access it's been a great place to live. it's close to shopping, only 15 minutes from my work and i don't have to worry about watering the lawn or shoveling the driveway! we have had no intention of moving and were actually all set up to sign another lease at the end of the month when out of the blue the owners call us and tell us that at the last minute they've decided to put the home up for sale by next month. that information would have been handy two weeks ago when the topic of lease signing came up. all i can say for them is good luck trying to sale this place along side 7 other units for sale on the same street a few of which have been for sale since we moved in last year! i hate moving and to have to move at moments notice is even worse! so i am going to sign off now to venture into a world of boxes and packing tape.


a new me

don't press the back button it's still me...the one and only ogden blog...i've decided to go in a new direction and i started with a new name. i want to invite you all to come through the looking glass into a world that is different than your own. to get a taste of life with no artificial preservatives added...it's all the real stuff people!