fun with grandma and sarah

A few weeks ago Riley got to spend the night with Grandma Michele and Sarah downtown in a hotel! They had fun swimming and taking naps in the room. My favorite is the funny open mouth face in the carseat.
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Me and my tube

We've had quite the adventurous few days. First Riley got a feeding tube on Wednesday and they told me that they guarantee I would be back because they get pulled out and clogged up...I didn't expect that I would be back three days later! This morning I had to take him back up there to get a new one because it was clogged. We have a consult on Tuesday with the surgeon for the Gtube and I think that will be a better more comfortable option for Riley


Grandma Spencer


On Tuesday night Marc's grandma passed away due to complications from kidney failure and heart failure. She was a very sweet person who loved her grandkids and loved her great grandkids. I know that when the time comes for Riley to leave us she will be there to take care of him. Here she is with Riley when he was just a few days old. We will miss her.
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Birthday Lunch

Today Riley went out to lunch with Grandma Jenny and Bethany and Nick for Bethany's Birthday. Nick is growing up so big and Riley just stared at him the whole time. The highlight of the lunch was when nick to his chocolate covered fork and smeared it on Riley's head.
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No More Bottles

Riley is no longer eating from his bottle so he had to go get a feeding tube placed. Here he is right before he went to go get it placed. We thought we would take a picture before his face was crowded with a tube. We are going in on Tuesday to meet with the surgeon to talk about placing a gastric tube that goes right into his stomach instead of feeding into his intestines. He has been such a brave boy so far!
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