trimming the tree

riley and i put the tree up yesterday. well, i put it up while he closely supervised. i love decorating our christmas tree. i love pulling out the ornaments and trying to remember when and where they came from. most of mine our new but i do have a few from when i was little. my aunt mary made all the kids an ornament every year and i still have all of them. i really wasn't too excited for christmas this year due to a long and hard year we have had but now that the tree is up and a wreath is hanging outside my door i'm excited for the season to start.

Turkey Turkey Big and Fat

We had a great time at grama jenny's for thanksgiving. there was lots of yummy food and the turkey was excellent! my mom cooks an amazing turkey. one day i will have to learn. i was in charge of the pies and they were just as pretty as a pie can be. Riley had some mash potatoes and thought they were pretty tasty. his favorite is the pumpkin pie. here are a few pics of Riley all dressed up for the big day.

all dressed up

Too much turkey...now it's nap time