3 AM and Corn Nuts

It has been quite an uneventful night here at work. I'm just a half person down in the NICU tonight because it's not very busy. This means that I've had to trek from one end of the hospital to the other to check on my other patients. I think I've walked 10 miles tonight. Since my list isn't that busy I've been able to settle down with some crunchy corn nuts a diet coke and Breaking Dawn...mmmm...Edward! I look forward to these nights because they are few and far between. Sometimes I have to laugh at the fact that I am getting paid to sit around and chat with friends and read a book. I complain 90% of the time about working but once I'm here it's not all that bad. I get some away time from the house, which is very much needed right now, and I get some adult time which is always good after days of saying "Yeah you are sitting up like big boys!" I still wish I was some how independently wealthy so I didn't have to worry about making house payments and car payments. Instead I could worry about where I am going to travel to next or what color to redecorate my living room in. One can only dream. But for now I'll stick to working my night shifts and drinking diet cokes from the free soda machines!