Wheelchair Update

As many of you may know we have been trying to get Riley a wheelchair for the past three months and it's been quite the ordeal to put it lightly. I have not been happy at all with the experience. Yesterday a friend of mine, Tara, who also has an SMA kiddo, gave me the name and number of a case manager through our insurance. It only took one call from her to the wheelchair people and all the stuff was being sent in. she said that she would call me the next day to tell me the status of the paper work. Hopefully the ball can really start rolling now. Thanks Tara for the info! Tara is also lending us the stroller that she recently got because they aren't using it right now. Once again...Tara you're awesome! The one last bump in the road is that they are telling us that they will only pay for either the power chair or the stroller but not both. I think it's ridiculous because all the other kids with the same insurance got both! Dumb they better give us both! It will be really nice for Riley to have this equipment. It will give him much more freedom and the ability to participate in more things. Now just hurray up already!


Sleep Study

riley had another sleep study last night. he did great! he only woke up crying one time. he woke up two other times but just for a moment. he didn't even cry when they were putting on the probes. the only part he didn't like was when they put the neck stocking on his head. He did very well on lower settings so now we just have to see what dr. swaboda thinks.
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