Take me out to the ball game

When you have a special needs kid it can sometimes be difficult to find activities for them to participate in that makes them feel like just another kid.  We are very fortunate that our local county recreation has an adaptive sports program.  We've wanted to sign Riley up for their Miracle League Baseball for the past few years but our schedules have always conflicted.  This year I was determined to make it work.  With the recent illness he's had I was worried that he wouldn't be able to make it to his first game but he's been able to make a good recovery and we headed out to the first game today.  It was so much fun and Riley had a blast.  There were some tears at first and then they gave him his jersey and hat and he was all game! Each kid has a 'buddy' that helps them bat and run the bases.  Of course my kid is a natural so he hit two home runs! Go Orioles!

running to first

sliding into home…first home run!

Riley and his 'buddy' playing 3rd base