Birthday: The final chapter

Since we did a big party on Saturday we played a pretty low key day on Riley's actual birthday.  We hung out at Grandma Jenny and Papas house until dad got off work. We then met up at the movies to see The Muppet's.  Riley's favorite part was the dancing chickens.  The people behind us I think were more entertained watching Riley's reactions to the movie.  We then went home to meet up with Grandpa Mark and Grandma Kathy for a few presents. 
remote control care. so cool!

I wonder what it could be?

Yay, Mr. Potato Head!

The birthday eclair.
This completes the final chapter of the birthday adventure.  I still can't believe this kid is 4! He has grown up way to fast.  We love you Riley!

Party Time

As you all know Riley turned the BIG 4! This year he wanted to party down with all his friends.  A few months ago Riley went to a birthday party and they had a puppet show lady come.  Riley absolutely loved it and ever since it's been on my mind to book her for the party.  We had the party at my mom's neighborhood club house which was perfect.  Lots of room for 12 kids to run around.  We ate pizza had some delicious cake and wrapped it all up with an fun pirate adventure puppet show.  Riley had lots of fun and so did all of the kids. 

mmm the cake looks delicious!
Like I said Riley invited 12 kids! All but 2 showed up. Thanks for coming guys.
Lexi, Sydney and Lauren

Brady, Nick and Garret


Nick and Makayla
The puppet show was great.  It was about a fisherman who went on a pirate adventure with mermaids and magic treasures.  The kids loved it.

Jonas, Lexi, Nick and Brady with the dancing elves

Courts thought the show was hilarious
Lastly we opened presents.  It was fun because Riley was way into it and really got the idea of this whole birthday thing.  When you'd ask if he was the birthday boy he would get this big grin on his face.
Spiderman blanket from Brady, Lauren and Courtney

Police car from Nick

Disney activity set from Eliza

Football and glow sticks from Sydney and Lexi

Sesame Street book from Harrison

A fuzzy duck from Jacob

Thanks to Makayla and Garrett for a new outfit...This birthday thing is awesome!
Thanks to everyone for coming hope we can do it again next year for the big 5!
Lauren, Courtney, Jacob, Jonas, Brady, Makayla, Garrett, Harrison, Eliza, Nick, Sydney, Lexi and Riley


Fantastic FOUR!

Dear Riley,
Today you turn 4 years old and we couldn't be more excited for you.  It has been so fun to see you grow up and conquer new challenges every day.  You have a bright silly personality and can't go a day with out making your Dad and Me laugh.  You are so sweet and have such a big heart.  You meet everyone with a smile and make lasting impressions that no one forgets.  You possess incredible faith that gives you the power to over come so many obstacles.  In 4 years you have experienced sickness, health, the loss of friends and the gain of new ones.  You've traveled by planes, boats, trains and cars embarking on many adventures and we have no doubt have many more on the horizon.  Your Dad and I are so proud of you and are so privileged to be your parents. 
Happy Birthday tiny man we love you!


over nighter

Sleep overs are the best!

Christmas Crafts

I picked up this gingerbread kit at the store and Riley had a blast building it.  He chose all the candies and pointed to where he wanted them. I love his swirly icing job on the roof. His favorite was decorating the little gingerbread man. This was $7.95 well spent! Good job Riles


I am Thankful

I always seem to do things a day late but I was busy baking for turkey day and never got to express my gratitude for a countless number of things.

I am so thankful for all the doctors and therapists that help take care of Riley.  This is Riley with Dr. Swoboda when Riley was a year old.  Other than being one of the smartest people I know she is also one the kindest most passionate people.  She loves these kids so much and wants nothing more than to see them cured.  We are so fortunate to live so close to a facility with specialists like her.

Next I am thankful for friends in unexpected places.  Tara Liston was a God send to me!  Sometimes it's hard to look through all the tough situations in your life but if you take a step back you might be surprised of where it has taken you and the people that have become a part of your life because of it. You may not even realize what you have done for me but I am so thankful and privileged to have you a part of my life.

I am thankful for modern medicine.  Riley would not be here today with out all these miraculous inventions.

I am thankful for my mom.  She is such an inspiration to me.  She has accomplished so much in her life most of it on her own while raising 4 kids.  She is smart, funny, creative and a go getter.  She is an incredible grandma and wants nothing more than to see them happy.

I am thankful to all those who donate to the Make-A-Wish foundation.  I can't think about our experience with out tears in my eyes.  Thank You a million times over!

I am thankful for Marc.  He has been working so hard in school and I am so proud of him.  Marc is such an incredible father to Riley.  He is so patient and loving.  He keeps me grounded with everything we go through with Riley.  I love you!

Lastly I am thankful for the gospel and for eternal families.  I would be lost with out it.  Our lives here are merely a drop in the bucket compared to the experiences that are yet to come.  Sometimes I can't wait for the day when I get to be with Riley in a world free of disease and limitations.  He will be able to run and play and be able to wrap his arms around me all by himself! I am thankful for Christ and his sacrifice he made for me in order for all this to be possible. 



Today Riley ventured out to SMA clinic.  He did really well and didn't cry at all while they were shocking his hand for the emg reading.  We had some great results today.  Last visit his emg reading was .9 and today it was 1.2! Given Riley's age and type 1 diagnosis they would expect to see readings well below 1.  How he gained some nerve function is both interesting and remarkable! After they do the little shocks they watch the nerve conduction while his hand is just at rest.  They are still seeing tons of small nerve reactions.  What starts to happen is as the nerves die off they branch out together leaving big gaps in the emg readings.  They don't see any of that happening yet. Riley is just one of a kind.  We were nervous that with these two illnesses he had this year that he would lose ground but he has bounced back and then some.  Keep up the good work Riley.



Trick or Treat

Ok so this is a week over due but it's better late than never.  This year we tried to make the entire month of October full of opportunities to wear our Batman costume. First was Grandma Jenny's costume party then we were able to go to the Make a Wish Trick or Treat.  Since Lauren is a Wish kid too they joined us for the fun.
fishing for a prize

This is Riley's Wish Granter Nancy. It was fun to see her.

The bean bag toss. And Courts is helping too

Just our luck another Batman!

At the craft table the kids made these fun bats Lauren showing off her art work

Riley made one too. He was pretty adamant about gluing the eyes on by himself

This year Riley had his first Halloween at school! It was fun to send him on the bus all dressed up. I sent the nurse with the camera so she could take some pics

The best part was all the candy!
We still hadn't carved our pumpkins so after school we got down to business.  I wanted Riley to be able to participate as much as possible.  I drew some shapes on some paper and he chose which ones he wanted on his pumpkins.  I think he did a pretty good job.

I think this one is his favorite!

My favorite is his one with the round eyes. good job Riles!
That night we hooked up with our friends The Millars to hit a few houses.  Here is Lexy and Tyler. Lexy was so helpful carrying Riley's pumpkin bucket to each house to make sure he got lots of candy too. Thanks Lexy

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Riley had such a great time that he was out like a light at 7:30! Happy Halloween!