Becah vs. Walmart

For my birthday this year Marc gave me a camera.  I've been needing a new camera for a while and I've been researching them for quite some time.  I wanted something that had good picture quality along with good video quality.  So I decided to get this particular Kodak camera. I've been very happy with my current Kodak camera so I thought I couldn't go wrong.  It had good reviews and it takes HD video which I was excited about.  So I get the camera and it's terrible.  I went through 3 batteries and all the pictures had weird coloring or they were blurry.  The only thing good about the camera was that it did take killer video!  So after a few weeks of trying to figure it out I decided to just return it for a different one.  As luck would have it I couldn't find the receipt.  I figured, it's Walmart they are usually pretty good about it.  So I take it up to the customer service desk and I told them it was a birthday gift and I don't have a receipt.  They scan the barcode to find out when it was purchased.  There return policy is 30 days and it had been 31 days!  The bitchy lady told me that I couldn't return it but I could try calling Kodak because the camera did have a year warranty.  Well, I called Kodak and they wouldn't take it back because it was a 2008 model so technically the year warranty was expired! What a joke!  After a few choice words were said I decided to call the corporate office of Walmart.  My efforts paid off because they called the store I purchased it at and made them return it for me!  HAHAHA I beat Walmart!  So now I have a new and improved camera and so far it works great.  I'll post some new pictures soon.