Riley Playing

here's the other video. I couldn't get it to download on the other post.

More Videos

Per popular demand here are some more videos of Riley. One is with Lauren, she absolutely love Riley. The other is with him playing with his new link a do toys. Yesterday we got a package in the mail from a mom who had a baby pass away from SMA. She sent Riley a bunch of toys like the ones her daughter loved to play with. She sent him some links, a wind chime, some feathers and this really cool swing! He did a really great job at holding on to the links and hitting the wind chime.

MMM Food


Riley's favorite food besides his bottle is sweet potatoes. The more he gets on his face the better!
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Happy Birthday Brady

Brady turned 3 on June 24th! I can't believe he is three already. Kristin made him the coolest cake...way to go Kristin! These are all just some snap shots that were taken at the party. Riley with Grandma Jenny and Aunt Frankie, and Lauren being Silly with Grandma Dolores.




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101 degrees!

It is just too hot and we still have all of July and August to go! Yesterday Riley and I laid on the bed both whining "it's too hot...it's too hot!" Marc keeps telling me that Riley's big whiny voice comes from me, but I don't know what he's talking about! :) Earlier today I was browsing around on the Olympus High website and was impressed where life has taken most of the people in my class. Everyone looks so happy and I couldn't help wondering what life will bring all these people. I caught myself scrolling through blogs of happy children and felt sad because I have no idea how long I'll have Riley around smiling at me. I feel as though life is moving backwards, or maybe just not in the direction that I had in mind. I envy those of you out there who have all that you desired in life, just don't take it for granted because life can turn upside down in the blink of an eye.


PCMC Our New Home

We spent the last week in and out of Primary Children's with Riley. We were preparing for the worst but Dr. Swaboda had some good news for us. She performed what's called a MUNE test where an electrode is placed on his hand and they give this little electric shocks to test the neurons. Riley scored really high and she was excited about the results. We also had a physical therapy session as part of the study we are enrolling him in and they were impressed with what they saw. Dr. Swaboda is hopeful that Riley may learn how to sit up on his own. We have one more appointment tomorrow and then he starts his medication. We are praying that the meds will have positive results. We'll keep updating on his progress.

Like father like son