Food Storage

I keep becoming more and more aware of food storage and emergency preparedness. My food storage is small and I never really quite know where to start. I found this great website that has some neat tips and check lists. When I picture food storage I always think of gallons of water and buckets of wheat! What in the world am I going to do with that!?! While wheat is a daily staple and water is a necessity the advice that is given is buy the foods that you eat on a regular basis. That is totally do able. Check out the website for more tips and food lists.


Fun with Dr. Swaboda

Last Friday Riley had his 3 month check up with Dr. Swaboda. They were very impressed with him and couldn't believe how much he laughs and smiles and talks. It was his last visit for the study he was in and they concluded that the medicine is definatly doing him good. When they tested the response of the neurons in his hands he actually improved back up to his baseline from when he started 6 months ago. Dr. Swaboda decided that it would be very beneficall to keep him on the meds. After his check up with her he had his bone scan which also showed improvement. Most of these kids have bone degeneration in their spines and hips because they aren't able to bare weight on their body. Riley's is holding strong and the bones are continuing to develope. We are so proud of all the progress he makes even if it's little. During clinic Tabitha's mom, Monica, came down to see Riley. She took this cute picture of him laughing with Dr. Swaboda.



Riley finally got his first tooth! It broke through Monday morning. I kept expecting him to be extremely fussy but he just drooled a ton for a few days and his gums got a little swollen and then pop...it came through! He thinks it's pretty cool. He rubs his tongue on it and when you ask him how his new tooth is he doesn't hesitate to tell you all about it!

Tata Tooele

We are going to be saying good bye to our home in Tooele. We have lived there for 2 1/2 years and it's time to move on. It's just too far away from everything with Riley. We found a town home in Draper that will be awesome! It's right off the freeway and it's about 20 minutes from my mom's house! We can move in on February 1st. We're quite excited.