Must Be Santa

We took Riley to see Santa Clause the other day. He just loved it. He was talking the whole time in line just so excited. He smiled and laughed for Santa. I'm glad that Riley is just so easy going and lets anyone hold and cuddle him.


soup's on

Growing up during the winter months we could always count on my grandma Dolores to bring down some of her homemade soup. I like to call it "Depression" soup because I'm sure it's what they lived on during the Depression! I know that you all know what I'm talking about...that soup with the stew tomatoes and every kind of bean that could be found in the cupboard. It didn't really matter what was in the soup because it was masked by the taste of salt, pepper and about 20 giant basil leaves. Of course as kids our comments were always the same..."Grandma it's too spicy and it has leaves in it!" Grandma's comments were always the same..."You damn kids! It's not too spicy it's fine!" The soup has become a comfort to me over the years and I tend to seek it out whenever there is an option for soup. I wandered down to the cafeteria tonight and there it was. The bean soup! I got a big bowl and savored every bite wile contemplating soup days past.