cool kids

Have you ever had a moment so perfect to capture on film and yet you don't have a camera anywhere near by? Today was one of those moments.  The weather has been so nice so I finally took Riley outside to enjoy some sunshine.  I put him in his power chair to do some cruisin around.  He was actually doing quite well with the usual boredom after about 10 minutes.  To Riley's luck some kids came running up the street.  There was Haily, Ethan and Sierra.  They had never met Riley before and they were very curious as most kids are.  They were asking about his chair and why he has to use it...the usual stuff.  Riley was pretty excited about all the attention that he decided to start showing off.  He started going forwards and backwards with his head cocked to the side with a little smile as if to say "yeah, I'm pretty cool." They asked if he knew how to play tag and if he could play. Riley answered with a smile.  They designated Riley as the 'it' person and he just started chasing those kids all over.  They thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.  Riley especially loved the attention and action.  Little stinker never does anything like this in his wheelchair for me, or anybody else for that matter.  Looks like we might have found his motivation.  After about a half hour their dad come up to get them for dinner.  They said to me that "Riley is the coooolest friend we've ever had.  Do you think that he'll be our friend?" Riley answered with a big smile.  I so wish I had a camera I could have captured these kids running around together.  It brought such great joy to my heart to see these kids playing together as if Riley was just one of them.  I mean he is the most adorable kid ever so it's no surprise that he is the coolest kid in town.