Zoo Day

We went to the zoo today for cousin Harrison's birthday. It was a lot of fun. All the kids lasted from 10:30 to about 2:30! Lauren had to hold my hand the entire time. Riley had fun being wheeled around in his wagon. His favorites were the monkeys, the giraffes and of course the carousel. The zoo was extremely crowded with field trip groups. we need to go again during a week day.


H is for Horse

my mom and greg went to kentucky this past week and they brought riley this cute shirt from the churchill downs where the kentucky derby is held. The shirt says H is for Horse! he loves it so much he's worn it twice in a row!

swish swish

Suzie, the pt lady, brought over a new chair and this apparatus for his arms so he can move them easier when he's sitting up. His favorite thing to do in the chair is to move the cup in a circle while we said "swish swish" he did such a great job for his first time in the chair

toothbrush pictures

here are the pictures of riley with his new toothbrush


Riley had his first dentist appointment last week. He got to sit in the big chair and got a really cool tooth brush afterwards (pictures coming soon). We had to take him because the TWO teeth he does have are a spotted yellow/white color. The Dentist told us that they look ok. There aren't any cavities but unfortunately the type of medications he's on can cause tooth discoloration. Shoot!
As far as a tooth update he still only has the two teeth on the bottom and then the one canine tooth up on the top is half way out. he is getting teeth on either side of the two bottom ones but you can just barely see them. They are just taking their own sweet time.