A little bit of this and That

I've been kind of slacking off as far as postings go.  here's a wrap up of what's been going on.  Marc and his sister Heather took Riley and Garrett to the Sportsman's Expo last weekend.  They had a fishing pond where you could catch a trout.  Riley caught the biggest one! But of course when they were pulling it out of the water it flipped off the line.  Riley also got new glasses.  We were having some fitting issues with his other ones and they were really tight against his face.  His new ones are so adorable.  So here are a few pics of the latest happenings.
                                             The Sportsman's Expo                  
                                           Riley with his old glasses

                                            The New Glasses
                                          My mom found this Gumby for Riley, it is now his new
                                         favorite toy!