One year ago today we got the call that Riley had SMA. It has been a very long year full of lots of emotions. We have had so many wonderful friends and family give us support in so many ways it is hard to thank everyone. Everyone and my work and at Marc's work have been so supportive through the whole thing and we appreciate all of you. Family and friends (you know who you are) thank you for your support through late night phone calls, hospital visits and giving a shoulder to cry on. While having a handicap child is a huge responsibility and exhausting most of the time Riley has been such a blessing in our lives. He is such an amazing little person. He has endured a lot and he smiles through it all. What a brave boy! We love you Riley!


kids in the sprinkler

my mom bought a fun sprinkler for the kids to play in. it was cute to see them getting all wet.

riley laughing

this was taken at the aquarium. he loved this frog. too bad it was $30 or else we would have bought it for him.


pics from this weekend

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parties and pcmc

for the past week or so i've been noticing that riley has been coughing more on and off. it hasn't been a big deal because he recovers quickly. on friday he wasn't feeling his best, was really tired and not his usual self. on saturday we met up with marc's family for an afternoon at the living planet aquarium. when we first got there riley looked a little pale and seemed like he didn't feel good. as soon as everyone showed up he perked up and was extremely talkative and being his cute self. we had a lot of fun at the aquarium and i have some cute pics i'll post later. that night we had a party for riley's 18 month birthday. lots of friends and family came despite the chilly windy weather and it was a lot of fun. again there are pics i'll post later. we got home and riley had his dinner and then went to bed as usual. at 1:00 am i heard him start to cry and so i went in to see what was wrong and he was coughing. he has never been woken up from coughing before. i grabbed the suction and suctioned his out but it didn't seem to help. he kept coughing and coughing and was trying to swallow but was really struggling. i didn't like to looks of it so we took him to the er. he coughed all the way up and then when we got to the er it seemed to have calmed down. they did a chest xray and the usual resp. cultures. they decided to keep him until all the labs came back. because of all the swine flu they gave him two rounds of tama flu just to be safe. monday afternoon everything came back negative so they sent us home that evening. he still has a terrible cough and once he starts he doesn't stop. it just makes me really nervous. it's summer time all this viral stuff is suppose to be over with!