Four Eyes

For the past oh six months or so I've been noticing that Riley's left eye just doesn't move quite right. His left eye looks at you as if he had a glass eye, it freaks me out every time he does it.  At first I was the only one who noticed it because it only happened every once in a while.  Then it started becoming more frequent and more obvious.  There are only 4 pediatric Opthamologists in Utah 3 are at Moran Eye Center and the other has a private practice.  Dr. Swoboda sent a referal to Moran in November and I couldn't get in until February.  The private practice had an opening the first part of January so I took that appointment as well.  At the appointment in January he said that everything looked good with his eyes as far as he could tell.  The only thing he saw was astigmatism but it wasn't bad enough to have glasses.  I wasn't quite happy with what he had to say because I knew something was wrong with that eye.  So we went to the next doctor and they did the same tests and he saw the same things except Riley actually did the weird eye movement in the office during the tests.  His decision was that Riley needed to be in glasses to help with both the eye movement and his focus because of the astigmatism.  He told me that most kids with these problems don't come in until they are a lot older because their parents don't notice the eye movement and the kids aren't able to tell them they can't see very well.
So it's a good thing that I was being extra observant and determined to figure out what was going on.  If Riley was a regular kid I most likely wouldn't have noticed anything because I wouldn't be tuned in to every little thing he does or doesn't do. I'm always very aware of anything that isn't quite right with him because even the slightest change could become a huge problem.
Riley's new glasses should  be here with in the next week.  It will be interesting to see if it really does make a difference.  I'm curious to see if it will change the way he plays with his toys or looks at his books.  This whole time they've probably all been blurry.   His eyes will be open to a whole new world.

saying good bye

I would like to take a moment to make a tribute to a very special little boy named Hodges.  On February 2, 2010 at the age of 15 months he lost his battle with SMA.  I have never met this young man but he has a special place in my heart as do all the SMA children.  His mother is an inspiration to me because she has not gone through this once but twice.  This is her second child lost to the disease, her first when he was only 4 months old.  
Today my problems don't seem as significant.  The dishes in my sink don't matter.  The fact that I haven't combed my hair isn't important.  Let's set these things aside to think of what is important in life and what matters.


there's no place like home

We made the big move on Saturday.  Marc couldn't get the day off because he had to ask for Wednesday off to be with his brother (see previous post).  Thanks to the Elders Quorum and lots of family and friends we got the move done in just under 2 hours!  It helped that we were just moving down the street, but still that must be a record time.  We still have some odds and ends at the old place along with some cleaning to do but other than that we are officially in our new place.  Now I have the task of putting it all back together.  Even though our new place is the same floor plan it has still been a challenge to make things fit in just the right spot.  It only took 30 minutes of squabbling until we agreed upon the couch placement.  The biggest accomplishment thus far is that I organized the medicine cabinet.  It was out of control.  Instead of food storage I have drug storage.  You name it, I probably have it in there.  Ok, back on subject basically we are settling in and hopefully our lives will get back to normal here soon.  And hopefully this will be the last move for a while!  

Called To Serve

A quick shout out to Uncle Robbie who returned last week from his mission to Equador.  Marc was excited to have his baby brother home.  He has appeared to be a little over whelmed with returning to the real world as all returned missionaries are.  Don't worry Rob you get back into the grove before you know it.

Welcome Home!