Sunday was another eventful evening in the emergency room with Riley. He woke up fine that morning. His usual self, talking and laughing. Then all of a sudden he started screaming and he wouldn't stop. Finally at around 3:00 he still hadn't stop crying and he was starting to wear himself out. His sats were in the mid 80's with bipap and 3 liters oxygen with a heart rate in low 200's. I decided to just call 911 because I didn't want to drive him and have him arrest in the car. So the ambulance came and took him to Primary Childrens. When we got there he had spiked a fever of 101 and still was quite upset. They gave him some motrin and when his fever came down he seemed to feel better. Then they looked in his ears and his right ear was full of puss! So that's why he was screaming all day...he had an ear infection! So after sitting in the ER for 4 hours they sent us home with some antibiotics. He seems to be feeling a lot better although he is still spiking an occasion fever. This is his first ear infection and all I can say is that maybe the next time it happens I'll know what to do.