We came home today. Riley passed his last trial on bipap so they let us go home. They really don't know what happened. They think he just got overly tired from something, possibly maybe a little cold. I'm just glad that it didn't turn into something major.

Picu day 2



This now makes hospital stay number 3. Well actually 5 total if you count the time he stayed over night from that stomach bug way back last march and then his surgery stay in August. Anyway, I got home from work and I noticed that Riley's was working kind of hard to breath and then all of the sudden I could hear the mucus in his lungs. So we coughed and suction and quite a large amount of thick yellowish stuff (mmmm thanks for the visual!) but his work of breathing didn't improve and he didn't have any color in his face. So we proceded to put him on his bipap and he recovered farelly quickly and then he started to get very sleepy and work of breathing increased more so I added some oxygen which helped except now I couldn't get the oxygen off! So I called Abby (that's the SMA nurse) and told her what was going on and she said that he needed to come up for an xray. Marc ran to radio shack to buy the power adapter for the bipap so we wouldn't have to call 911. We got him up to primary and after the chest xray and the increased need for bipap they decided to keep him. They are going to keep him on his bipap through out the night and then try him off in the morning. If he can stay off the bipap then he can go home. They also are going to change his feeding because Dr. Swaboda took one look at him and said "look at those thighs! he's just way to chubby!" When I told her how many calories he gets in a day she was shocked because it's significantly less than normal kids his age. Oh wait does he have the greenberg metabolism...I THINK SO! So they are going to try him on the pediatric vivanox formula. It has extra amounts of vitamins and it also has the amino acids already broken down or something like that. So here we are just hanging out in the PICU. We'll keep you all posted!


Best of Friends

This was taken on Christmas day at my mom's house. Lauren and Riley just love eachother! I have never seen kids so little get so excited to see one another. Every time they see eachother he does his excited dog pant and she yells "RIYEE" and starts to laugh. They must have been best friends in the pre-existance..."I've seen that smile some where before" (that one's for you rachel!...It really is the cutest thing to see. I'm glad that they like eachother because when I was growing up I was really close to my cousins. Leslie, Rachel and I were like long lost sisters. Here's to cousins...they make the bestest friends!