The Number 5!

Riley just turned the big number 5! This year he got to go to school on his birthday which was pretty fun.  It was the last day of school so they had a pajama party. Riley will not be going back to school until the spring so at least he got to finish the year off with a bang! He shared a birthday treat, sang songs and got to wear this awesome birthday crown.
 Riley LOVES school and of course everyone LOVES Riley! Here's a few of his friends.
That night we had everyone over for cake and ice cream.  This was one of the first years that there wasn't a huge snow storm so everyone could actually come.
If you know anything about my family then you would know that this picture is truly a classic. Notice Nick right in the middle with the scowl on his face.  He truly is a product of my Brother Aaron who thought everything family related was stupid and didn't want to participate.  It comes back to you 10 fold Aaron...hahaha!

Turning five is pretty great! Thanks for coming and celebrating this HUGE mile stone for Riley