first things first

this past week has been chaotic.  We started out the week with a baby blessing and then ended the week with another baby blessing.  In the middle of all that we picked up Riley's glasses.  They had to clip the back of the ears so they can put the loop backs on and after 2 trips to get them readjusted I think we finally have a good fit.  At first he kept trying to take them off but now they don't seem to bother him.  Maybe that's a good sign that they are actually helping him.    All I've gotta say is that he's pretty much the cutest boy in glasses EVER! 

Like I said earlier we had two baby blessings this past week.  Courtney was blessed on Feb. 7 and Makayla was blessed Feb. 14.  Both the girls looked so pretty in their white dresses.

                                                         Marc, Riley, Me and Courtney

Me and Courtney
(She's short and stocky just like her aunt becah!)

Marc and Makayla

Riley giving Makayla loves.