Updates Galore

So I ran out of storage space on google so I couldn't post any more pictures and I finally forked out the $5 to buy more storage. So here are a bunch of updates. 

I'll start first with Riley standing. After months of battling with insurance we finally got it approved. In the end it was kind of a good thing that it wasn't approved at first because the original stander we order would have been too small by the time we got it so when it was denied we were able submit for a bigger one. At first he lasted about 15 minutes, and then 30 min and then on Tuesday he was in there for 45 min. while watching Seseme Street. That's the one thing we've learned about Riley and his therapies is that if you distract him with something he likes he doesn't notice he's actually working at something.

The next update is last Saturday we took Riley to the zoo. Riley was more interested in the people and kids around him than looking at the actual animals. I think the animal he was most interested in looking at were the giraffes only because they were right there with out any glass to peer through
We saw some animals that we've never been able to see before...we saw most of the big cats including the tiger.
We also got a chance to experience a rare siting of a peacock showing off it's feathers.  The zoo keeper said that they usually never just randomly show off their feathers.

Of course the best animals at the zoo are the babies. These babies were born last year and so I was expecting them to be bigger but they still looked so small
  Riley's favorite attraction at the zoo is the carousel.
We couldn't get a decent face out of Riley all day long so here are the many faces of Riley at the zoo.
  At the end of the day I think it was a successful zoo trip.
After the zoo trip we stopped up at PCMC to say hi to Lauren. She was kind of having a hard day that day but I think she was excited to see Riley. She is home now and doing well. She goes back next week to start her chemo therapy. She can have her treatment as an outpatient. It will be hard for her to have to keep going back, but I think it will be good because she won't be stuck in the hospital the whole time.
Well, I think that it is for the giant post. Hopefully I can keep up with the updates now that I have added more memory to my files.



Six years ago Marc and I were married in the Manti Temple. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day or a more wonderful person to marry. The weather was beautiful, the flowers were beautiful and let's face it I had the most awesome wedding hair ever! (Thanks cousin Aimee!) Here's to many more anniversaries...I love you sweetie!