St. George

This past weekend we took a road trip to St. George.  Yes, I know that it is insane to go to St. George in July because it's usually 118 degrees.  We lucked out this year because it was only 100!  The real reason we went down there was to see Little Mermaid at Tuachan.  My Grama (believe me it's not mispelled) lives down there and she ushers at the theater and she can get us tickets.  I went last year with my niece McKenzie and we had such a great time we wanted to go back.  This time Marc and Riley were able to join us.  The first adventure started with packing all of Riley's stuff.  I had to take a picture but this was before we had the oxygen concentrator and his bipap in the car...needless to say it was a pretty tight fit.

We borrowed a headrest dvd player for the trip which made it a great trip for the kids in the back.  Riley really likes to take rides in the car so it makes for a pretty easy drive. We made it down there late afternoon and the play was that night.  We were worried because the forecast was for rain but we lucked out and it only sprinkled a little during intermission. It was really windy though and I guess some of the scenes were improvised because the wind prevented them from doing it. Of course the show was amazing.  They had this water fall wall that made it look like they were under water for the ocean scenes.  It's fun to stay after to meet the cast.  Most of them were new with the exception of Prince Eric we saw him last year as Tarzan.


King Triton...he had to have been wearing heals

Flounder, Mckenzie thought he was so cute


One of Ursila's eels they were really good

Eric and Ariel. My favorite was actually Ursila she was incredible but she didn't come out that night.
The next day we hit the pool.  They don't worry about heating the pool because it's so hot outside so the pool heats itself to a warm 90 degrees! Riley did awesome in the pool.  Thanks to grama Jackie he dared to swim on his stomach and we put his legs straight down so he could swim straight up and down he loved it! I just never thought to do it with him because I'm always afraid to try but grama took the wheel and had him do it. Now he's a pro ( warning I do have bathing suit shots!)

swimming is so much fun!
Even though we slathered spf 85 on we still got a little toasted.  It has since faded and Riley doesn't even have a tan to show for it.

After swimming we headed to the outlets were we found some awesome deals and then out to eat and back to grama's.  One of the fun parts about grama's house is all her old pictures. This time she pulled out her high school year books.  It was fun to see my grama so young and especially to read the notes people wrote back in the 50's "you're so swell" was one of my favorite lines. The next day we headed back home.  We had to take a round about way so we could drop McKenzie home in Richfield. We wanted to drive up to Manti to see the temple (that's where we were married) but we didn't want to get home at 10:00 at night so we just headed home.  It was nice to get a way even for just a few days. Once school starts back up again it might be a while until we can sneak away.
Riley and Grama

isn't this the sweetest!

Grama and Me

Kenzie and Grama...I can't believe how grown up Kenzie is getting!
Thanks for the great time Grama!