Cake Boss

I've always wanted to learn how to decorate cakes. I can never find a class on my days off and then by chance I was picking up some paper at Michaels and they had classes on Monday nights so I signed up. It was really fun even though there were these two really annoying girls in the class that always showed up late and were never prepared then on the last day of class one of them was trying to critique my cake like she was the expert. She was just jealous :) anyway I completed the 4 week course but am far from being the expert. It takes hours and hours of practice so I've got a long way to go. The last night we learned how to ribbon flowers. I sucked at it but given I had an hour and a half to learn and decorate the flowers didn't turn out too bad. Like I said lots and lots of practice. I decided to sign up for the next class which is all flowers. Just give me some time and I'm sure to be the next cake boss