First Summer Splash

Today was the first Grandma swim day of the summer.  This winter has been so long and so dreadfully cold this day couldn't have come soon enough.  Riley was all smiles as soon as he hit the water.  My mom bought this baby floater but Lexi couldn't sit up quite right in it so we lounged Riley in it.  Why didn't we think of this sooner?  This is the only way to lounge at the pool

We also like to swim the old fashion way too
baby Clayton came too. Didn't want mom to miss out on the first swim so we worked on our tan instead
This is what you get when 6 kids under 7 hit the pool together.
We all spent way more time in the pool than we thought we did so we're now bright red from head to toe. But it's all worth it in the end. Great way to start the Summer.

May Mash Up

I need to back up a bit and mash together all the craziness of May.  I can't believe how fast it flew by.  We celebrated an anniversary, blew out some birthday candles, planted a garden, read lots of books and have already eaten our weight in smores (brought to you by our killer backyard fire pit).
And to top it all off we purchased this bad boy.  My brother, Aaron, has dubbed it the polygamist patrol!
It was very bitter sweet to turn in our Toyota because of all the incredible sacrifice and work that went into helping purchase it.  It has been a great vehicle but it was time to hand it over for something bigger that can fit all of Riley's chairs and equipment.  We are having tie downs placed in tomorrow just in time for our long drive to California.  I do miss the Toyota but this thing is actually pretty awesome and can fit a whole lot of stuff! Anyone need a ride? We can fit 12.


Preschool has Ended

Today was Riley's last day of pre-school.  I'm not going to deny that I'm a little choked up about it.  Such a big mile stone for him to be able to finish and move to the big school for Kindergarten this fall.  I am so proud of all the accomplishments he has made over the last few years.  School has been so good for him and he loves it.  He loves riding the bus and playing with his friends.  You can just see the joy and self confidence it has brought him.  Looking back at these pictures from his very FIRST day to his very LAST he has grown up so much.  Love you buddy!