riley kicking

i just took this video of riley kicking his legs. he's getting so big and strong

Auntie 'M'

My friend Michelle got married a few months ago, but she lives in Texas so we couldn't be there for the big occasion. She came out for a reception out here in Utah. It was really fun to see her. She has only seen Riley once and that was when he was first born. I hate how friends have to live so far away.
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Riley finally has more than just two bottom teeth and one snaggle tooth on the top. His two front teeth have been trying to pop through for weeks and weeks. they are finally growing into big teeth. he looks like such a goof. he loves to lick them and chomp down on them.
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Standing Up

Riley got a stander a couple of weeks ago. it's wierd to see him totally up right. he loves to stand up "all by himself!"
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