Trick or Treat

Ok so this is a week over due but it's better late than never.  This year we tried to make the entire month of October full of opportunities to wear our Batman costume. First was Grandma Jenny's costume party then we were able to go to the Make a Wish Trick or Treat.  Since Lauren is a Wish kid too they joined us for the fun.
fishing for a prize

This is Riley's Wish Granter Nancy. It was fun to see her.

The bean bag toss. And Courts is helping too

Just our luck another Batman!

At the craft table the kids made these fun bats Lauren showing off her art work

Riley made one too. He was pretty adamant about gluing the eyes on by himself

This year Riley had his first Halloween at school! It was fun to send him on the bus all dressed up. I sent the nurse with the camera so she could take some pics

The best part was all the candy!
We still hadn't carved our pumpkins so after school we got down to business.  I wanted Riley to be able to participate as much as possible.  I drew some shapes on some paper and he chose which ones he wanted on his pumpkins.  I think he did a pretty good job.

I think this one is his favorite!

My favorite is his one with the round eyes. good job Riles!
That night we hooked up with our friends The Millars to hit a few houses.  Here is Lexy and Tyler. Lexy was so helpful carrying Riley's pumpkin bucket to each house to make sure he got lots of candy too. Thanks Lexy

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Riley had such a great time that he was out like a light at 7:30! Happy Halloween!