Today Riley had clinic with Dr. Swaboda. Riley didn't want to participate in any of it. He's usually really good but he wanted nothing to do with it this time. He cried through physical therapy assessment until we told him we were done and then he started to laugh. Next we went to see Dr. Swaboda to do his nerve stimulation exam which he screamed through the whole thing so they didn't get very accurate data. She said that he's big enough now that he can have some sedation next time. He is doing very well and we are hoping he can stay healthy during this cold/flu season. She looked over his sleep study report and we made some adjustments so hopefully Riley will start sleeping better on it. She also told us that there are some new drug trials that are coming up that look very promising. I hope we don't have to wait too long to see if they will be available for Riley.


Just Playing

We went to my mom's for dinner today and all the kids had fun playing outside. This is Riley in his new 'borrowed' stroller. He really likes sitting up and being face to face with all the kids. We can't wait until we get his.
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