On Monday afternoon my dear friend Jen was critically injured in a auto accident. I will not share details of this horrific accident for I only wish to express my thoughts about this friendship that has spanned over 15 years. I met Jen in the summer of 1997. She had just moved into my friend Bryttin's ward. Bryttin and I were walking down the street and we were walking past Jen's house to which she had just moved into. For what ever reason I asked who lived there and Bryttin said that it was a new girl who was our age.  Well, let's go say hi I proposed. It's all history from there. We all became instant friends spending hours talking on the phone, listening to countless hours of Celine Dion's hit "Our Hearts Will Go On" (after seeing Titanic for about the 100th time!) while driving around in her awesome 4 runner! Through out high school Jen and I had a tradition of watching the hit Thursday night shows Friends and ER. We would sit on her bed glued to the TV laughing histaricley at Joey and Chandler and then be captivated by George Clooney's good looks and amazing medical abilities! Jen and I also were early morning seminary buddies. Every morning I would attempt to pick her up at 6:30 am only to be waived on because she was still asleep. LOL love it Jen! She became one of our family. Joining us on vacations and road trips. She even got the big brother teasing from my brother Brock.  Jen is a very talented soft ball player and I always thought she should try out for the high school team but instead we signed up for county rec together and that year our team went undefeated. More thanks to Jen...she could really hit the ball and was an excellent third basemen. I on the other hand got put out in right field because I would day dream half the time and not pay attention. Jen is very musically talented with the violin and piano. I loved to hear her play and wished I could pick it up as easily as she did.  We moved on from high school onto college. We saw each other off to marriages and to starting families.  Jen married a wonderful man, Nathan, and became what she always wanted a wife and mother.  I still can't believe she now has 4 kids! She is a sweet, kind and loving mother who wants nothing but the best for her family.  She is strong and dedicated to her faith of being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I've always admired her dedication. Once she puts her mind to it she just does it.  Jen is a wonderful example of charity.  She is always the first to step up and help.  A few years ago we were in desperate need of a van for Riley.  Jen wanted to help in what ever way she could.  She offered her home for a Saturday and coordinated a HUGE yard sale.  She welcomed anyone who wanted to donate and they stocked her garage full! I will be forever grateful for this selfless act.  Jen, my heart is heavy for you and your family at this time.  I still can't even believe that this has happened.  You are a remarkable person and an example of strength and courage. You have overcome many challenges in this life and have endured it all with your beautiful smile and infectious laugh.  I admire you in so many ways...and I've always been jealous of all that incredible hair! You are facing a tremendous challenge ahead and I have no doubt you will endure it well.  I pray for you and your recovery.  I can't imagine this life with out you.  Love you Jen!