Today we took a trip down to Provo to see Marc's Mom in the hospital. She had to have her thyroid taken out. What is with our family and medical catastrophes! Anyway, we stopped over at Heather's house so Riley could play with cousin Garrett. They talked and laughed together, it was really cute. They are both growing up so big.

yet another family dinner.

On Sunday we ventured out for another big family dinner at my mom's house. Greg's daughter, Alysia, was in town and it was her daughter, Bailey, birthday. The kids had fun with the princess pinata. We finally had to bring out the real aluminum bat to break it open. It was fun to see Alysia and Bailey.

Zoo Trip

I'm going to have a ton of posts again so bear with me. Last week we took a trip to the zoo with Brady, Lauren and Nick. It was really fun. We saw lots of great animals
we rode on the train and on the new carousel. We brought our wagon and Nick insisted on pulling the wagon instead of riding in it. Afterwards we bought Riley this little frog from the gift shop and he now wakes up and talks to it every morning in his crib.



THANK GOODNESS IT'S FALL!!! Well, technically we still have about 21 more days until it's official but we can still celebrate. Didn't the rain and the breeze feel so great last night! I love the fall! I would have to say it's my favorite time of year. I love how the leaves change and the weather gets cooler. I love that I can get out my sweat shirts and a cozy blanket to lounge around with. There is that feeling in the air that school is starting and then I get this panic as if I'm suppose to be to class and then I realize, been there done that! What I like the most about fall are the smells. Cider and pumpkins and cool rain. I just want to eat fall right up!