24th of July Fun

The 24th was a jam packed weekend for us. On Thursday night we went to the Rodeo down in Spanish Fork. It was a lot of fun. It was extremely hot though and Riley was having a hard time with the heat, but once the sun went down it was managable. One of the best parts of the Rodeo is the mutton bustin. If you don't know what that is it's when the little kids hang on for dear life to a sheep as it runs down the arena. A girl won the contest. She held on until half way down the arena and she could have gone all the way but they grabbed her off. On Saturday was Marc's family reunion. We went swimming at this awesome pool in American Fork. It had a water slide and lots of fun stuff for the kids to do. Marc and I went down the water slide for Riley, he would have liked it. He loved swimming. We've never taken him before. I found this awesome swim collar on line that worked great to keep his head above the water. After the swimming we went to the park for lunch. Marc comes from a HUGE extended family. They had this pedigree chart that was 60 feet long! I should have got a picture of it. It was cool to see all the relatives and where they stem from on the line (even my name and riley's name was on there). All in all it was a really fun weekend.

Riley Swimming