Tibble Fork

Last night we took a drive up to Tibble Fork up American Fork Canyon.  Marc has been dying to take Riley fishing and we finally had some time to take a trip up.  Unfortunately we got all the stuff down to the lake and the wind blew in and it started to rain so we packed up the fishing stuff and headed down to find a camp sight to do some hot dog/ mallow roasting time.

I love this picture of Marc setting up Riley's pole

We made it down to a camp site here is Marc's attempt at a fire...I had to take over at the end to get it really going. And he calls himself a boy scout! hehehe I already gave him a hard time about it.

Roasting his hot dog. We were right by the river and I had to get a picture of how fast the river was running.  The picture really doesn't do it justice.  Once again STAY AWAY FROM THE WATER!

Yeah, roasting some mallows is pretty awesome! Next time I would like to take up some dutch oven cooking.  Any one want to join us next time just give us a call.



Riley is getting better and better at his chair.  Ever since he was sick he lost a lot of his endurance for things like sitting up so it's been tough for him to build up his stamina so it's a lot of work for him to be in his chair.  We have been struggling with his joystick skills and went for an evaluation for a different set up.  Like everything in health care it takes FOREVER for them to get any equipment.  They set him up with this t-piece joystick for the time being and it's working much better for him.

It was such hard work driving around Riley decided to take a nap except he decided to do this while he was still driving and he would have ran into the garage if I didn't stop him with the remote button.  Folks driving drowsy is not a good idea! :)

Fabulous Fourth

I love family traditions and the Ogden Family has a fun 4 of July tradition of watching the Stadium of Fire fireworks. They have been doing this ever since Marc was a little kid. We lounge on blankets and pass the time with yummy pot luck and multiple games of phase 10.  I haven't been able to go the last couple of years because I have worked so I was excited to join the fun this year. Here's a little taste of the fun.

Happy Fourth!