Colds and Coughs

We've had quite the adventurous few days. On Thursday afternoon Riley had a siezure and I rushed him up to Primary Childrens. When we got there he had a fever of 103 and was having a hard time breathing. They gave him some tylenol to get his fever down and put his bipap on and sent him to the ICU for the night. The next afternoon when all of his cultures and blood work came back negative they said that he probably had a siezure due to his fever and that it's most likely viral related. We came home later on friday afternoon and then I got sick! I've got your typical upper respiratory infection. Sore throat, ear ache, head ache, cough, etc...Everybody has been sick. First Lauren and Brady got it, then my mom, then Riley and now me. I just hope that Riley doesn't get it again, or worse.