touch up

We have now lived in this town home for 2 years.  I know impressive right? Anyway, the wall colors in the living room and kitchen were just hideous.  Take a look for yourself.

 orange and grey...really? who would ever think these looked good together.  Since we are renting we have just dealt with it, but let's be honest it's not the most pleasant site.  I decided to ask our landlord if he would let us paint.  He was more than happy to let us.  Saves him the hassle of doing it and he reimbursed the cost so it was a win win.  Here's the finished product
It's much more bright and cheery and the room looks so much bigger. I love it! Now that I have new paint I think that I can justify some new home decor, right? I think so...time for some shopping!



For the past few weeks we've been battling the Rhinovirus at our house.  To most of us this Rhino is just an everyday common cold but for Riley it's quite the battle to conquer.  He's actually never had it before well not that he's been tested for in the past.  It started out as a really high fever that would not come down and he was very tired and wanted his bipap on all day.  We took him to the Dr. and they did a chest xray which showed some viral patchiness but otherwise unremarkable.  He put him on an antibiotic just until we got the viral panel back.  It was confirmed that he had Rhinovirus so we stopped the antibiotic. 
So now after 15 days of coughing, suctioning and breathing treatments I think he's finally kicked it.  It was pretty rough but we got through it with out a hospital stay.  I am so grateful for our nurses that come in and help take care of him. It gets so exhausting having to be up with him all night and all day doing treatments that last an hour just to have to start it all over again a couple hours later. But he came through like a champ and now he's back to his regular routine. He went back to school last week and was just elated! Riley loves school (probably because it gets him away from mom and dad for a few hours) he loves to be with all the other kids and to play with all the cool toys they have for him there.  I always worry that after an illness it will take him some time to transition back into the routing but he jumped right in with no complaints.  So Riley, this is going to be the first and last illness of the year, right?