food just makes it better

A few weeks ago Riley all of the sudden stopped talking. He became very quiet and he had this kind of glazed look all the time. We finally called Abby, Dr. Swaboda's nurse, and they ordered some lab work for him. They said that depending on the lab results she may want to get an MRI of his brain. In between waiting for the lab work results my mom suggested we try giving him a little more food. Maybe he's just hungry? So on Saturday we started giving him a little more calories and he seems to have perked right up. He's more interactive and talkative again. Yesterday they called with the lab results and they said that nothing too significant except his ammonia level was elevated and they don't know why so they would like to get an MRI. I told her about the food and how he seems to have perked up. So we are going to wait on the MRI and see how he does with a few more calories. I hope the food just fixes him. Doesn't food fix everything?



From birth to about 3 this red fuzzy who knows what is the center of their world. What is it about Elmo that makes him so facinating? Every kid seems to just love him! Riley sure does. He loves to watch Sesame Street and then when Elmo's World comes on he gets so excited. The other day I was at Target and they had this Elmo DVD for $5. I bought it and turned it on for Riley when we got home. He was glued to it the entire time. He smiled and laughed through the whole thing. Once again I ask why Elmo? Why not Big Bird, or Grover or Oscar the Grouch???? Is it the red fuzzy hair? Is it the big giant yellow nose? Is it his high pitched annoying voice? This will probably remain a mystery to us all. If Riley could talk, I'm sure he would tell us why he loves him so much.