Weekend in Redmond

Last weekend we went down to Redmond, Utah for Grandma Spencer's funeral. It was a very nice service and she looked so peaceful. This is us at the viewing. Riley did have these cute overalls on but right as we got to the church he had a huge blow out in his carseat!!! Thanks Riley!
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I just love the Olympics and the 2008 Summer Games are well on their way! In the past it seems that I only would watch the gymnastics, a few swimming events and maybe track and field. But thus far I have found myself enjoying even the beach volleyball! I was surfing around on the NBC Olympic website and it lists all the Olympic sports. Some of them I had no idea were even considered a professional competitive sport. Such as badminton, handball and the trampoline event. I should have perfected those flips on the old tramp...I could have been a contender!