I finally have a moment to post the highlights from christmas. both marc and i had to work on christmas this year so we had to split up family stuff. we had his family over on christmas eve for dinner and presents. his brother is on a mission and was able to call that night so everyone was there to talk to him.after dinner riley had to show off his wheelchair skills for the fam and we couldn't press the stop button fast enough and he ran into grandma twice! later that night marc and i opened our presents and riley's presents too. Riley got a little piano that he loves to play along with a movie and some more clothes but his favorite present was the chapstick that came in his stocking. the best present of the night was mine from marc. he got me a guitar! i started to tear up when he brought it in the room. i've always wanted to learn how to play and it caught me by surprise that he would even think to get me one. way to go marc!

taking elmo for a ride

we always have breakfast at my mom's house on christmas morning so we headed over there for the traditional jenny mcmuffin breakfast. all the grand kids tore through all their presents and were so excited to play with what they got. the favorites of the day were the batman action figures and laurne's barbie doll to which she proceeded to sing the barbie girl song to. my mom went to africa in october and brought the kids back some neat gifts. these are the africa beads she brought riley.