School's out for Summer

Tuesday was Riley's last day of preschool. It took him a while to get the hang of it but once he did he loved it. He made lots of new friends at school (mostly girls) of which most of them will be going to kindergarten so he will have to make lots of new friends come the fall.
Riley and his teacher Miss Stephanie. She will be moving to another school next year so he will have a new teacher in the fall. Sad to see her go. (p.s. notice the cute blond next to Riley, just one of his many admirers).

  If being popular with the ladies means playing My Little Pony then it's worth it!

  Meet Lilly Riley is her favorite. She is right next to him all day helping him with what ever he needs.
                              Yeah, I've gotta it made!

     This is Rose, one of Riley's favorite Nurses that took him to school...and once again his fan club!

Finally, it was warm enough to go outside on the playground. Riley is getting better and better at his chair. He just needs to master watching where he's going.

This is the bus driver that took Riley home each day. Riding the bus was one of the highlights of the day.
                        YAY for Preschool!



I have been a proud owner of a mac for about the past year. One big selling point of the mac was not only the great photo applications but also their website creator called iweb.  It lets you drag and drop photos, edit text and pages with out the hassle of html coding.  While I still love the mac (I do highly recommend them) I have begun a love hate relationship with the iweb program. After spending hours on each post figuring out color schemes and text and borders I decided it really isn't worth the wait when really all I want to do is post a picture with a few words attached. So here I stand back with my old friend blogger.  I apologize for all the back and forth nonsense but hopefully I'm here to stay. No big changes to make just replacing the .com with blogspot.com and we're here to stay (at least I hope).