I have been out of touch this past week. We have been packing up our house and moving. We rented a Uhaul on Monday and Marc's brother came over to help us move the furniture. Thank goodness he came because Marc and I moved the couch and I wanted to cry half way to the truck. What can I say I'm kind of whimpy. We still have some stuff to clear out of our Tooele house but it's getting there. I got an email from the medicaid case worker and she said that she hopefully has found a nurse for Riley. The company just hired 2 new nurses so they are going over the schedule. Aside from moving we all now have colds. Last week Riley started getting a bugery nose and some low grade fevers here and there which we were attributing it all to teething but now he definatly has a cold. Marc woke up with it on Monday and then Riley had it on Tuesday and now I have it. Crappy colds...I hate them! Right now I'm at work and all I can think about is getting home to my bed.