Riley had his surgery today to release his achlesese tendons. The surgery went well and they said that they were able to get a lot of range of motion. He was having a hard time for about the first hour after surgery but then they gave him some lortab and he calmed down. He is still pretty sore and is sporting one red cast and one blue cast that he will have to keep on for 3 weeks.



Having a special needs child changes everything in your life, especially your relationships with people. Some get stronger and others get weaker. It's interesting to see how people react to certain circumstances. Recently I have become more aware of how people act when they are around me. Some people avoid me, others seem to ignore me and some just pity me; especially people with kids of there own. Do they just not know what to say to me so they just don't say anything at all? Are they embarrassed to be around me because of my situation or just feel uncomfortable? Hmmm...I just don't get it. You don't have to be afraid or uncomfortable it's still just me.