A happy Thanksgiving to all. Thanksgiving is such a great time of year. It's cooled down, the leaves have changed and everyone is getting stoked for black friday shopping. Yesterday I was at my mom's house scrambling to make pies (thanks to mom and grandma jackie for their help) and the smells of pumpkin pie and giblets cooking on the stove filled the house. We started to talk about past holidays when we were younger going to grandma jackies house, or to colorado or all the fun Thanksgivings we had at my mom's house. There are so many great memories of Thanksgivings past
-Aunt Frankie's homemade pies complete with homemade crust and whipped cream
-Grandma Jackie and Grandma Dolores arguing over how much salt to put in the Gravy!
-Playing endless rounds of Trivial Pursuit (Aunt Diane and Uncle John new every single answer!)
-Grandma Dolores talking to the Turkey "Hey in there...are you done yet?"
-One Dozen rolls for 20 people
-My mom's stuffing....yum
-Fruit punch with sprite, jello salads, waldorf salad
-Cramped in the car driving to Colorado

I am sure there are hundreds more memories but it would be a novel. I hope that some of you remember these and have a chance to look back and laugh.


SMA Friends

We have made a new SMA mom friend. Her name is Monica and she has a little Girl, Tabitha, with SMA. Tabitha is about Riley's age and they have been in the PICU together twice now. I have added her blog to friend links if anyone is interested in seeing her story and journey.


Another er trip

Riley got to take his first ambulance ride on Sunday morning. He has had a cold for the past few days and on Sunday morning his oxygen dipped quite low and I could not get him to recover so I had to call 911. So the ambulance and the police showed up and none other than Scott Schovaers was the policeman! Thanks schovy. Once we got to the Er riley had recovered and he was flirting with all the lady nurses. They kept him over night to do some more intense respiratory treatment because we were worn out from doing it at home. They released him Monday afternoon and he's doing well.