Birthday: The final chapter

Since we did a big party on Saturday we played a pretty low key day on Riley's actual birthday.  We hung out at Grandma Jenny and Papas house until dad got off work. We then met up at the movies to see The Muppet's.  Riley's favorite part was the dancing chickens.  The people behind us I think were more entertained watching Riley's reactions to the movie.  We then went home to meet up with Grandpa Mark and Grandma Kathy for a few presents. 
remote control care. so cool!

I wonder what it could be?

Yay, Mr. Potato Head!

The birthday eclair.
This completes the final chapter of the birthday adventure.  I still can't believe this kid is 4! He has grown up way to fast.  We love you Riley!

Party Time

As you all know Riley turned the BIG 4! This year he wanted to party down with all his friends.  A few months ago Riley went to a birthday party and they had a puppet show lady come.  Riley absolutely loved it and ever since it's been on my mind to book her for the party.  We had the party at my mom's neighborhood club house which was perfect.  Lots of room for 12 kids to run around.  We ate pizza had some delicious cake and wrapped it all up with an fun pirate adventure puppet show.  Riley had lots of fun and so did all of the kids. 

mmm the cake looks delicious!
Like I said Riley invited 12 kids! All but 2 showed up. Thanks for coming guys.
Lexi, Sydney and Lauren

Brady, Nick and Garret


Nick and Makayla
The puppet show was great.  It was about a fisherman who went on a pirate adventure with mermaids and magic treasures.  The kids loved it.

Jonas, Lexi, Nick and Brady with the dancing elves

Courts thought the show was hilarious
Lastly we opened presents.  It was fun because Riley was way into it and really got the idea of this whole birthday thing.  When you'd ask if he was the birthday boy he would get this big grin on his face.
Spiderman blanket from Brady, Lauren and Courtney

Police car from Nick

Disney activity set from Eliza

Football and glow sticks from Sydney and Lexi

Sesame Street book from Harrison

A fuzzy duck from Jacob

Thanks to Makayla and Garrett for a new outfit...This birthday thing is awesome!
Thanks to everyone for coming hope we can do it again next year for the big 5!
Lauren, Courtney, Jacob, Jonas, Brady, Makayla, Garrett, Harrison, Eliza, Nick, Sydney, Lexi and Riley